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Swiss Indoors Basel 2014

There’s a lot to see in Federer’s town

I love tennis & Federer, he loves tennis & me, in October it’s my birthday so he took me to a professional men’s tennis tournament.

  • Swiss Indoors is held every year in October, at St. Jakobshalle (an arena that holds 9,000 people) since I was 5 years old 😀 (i.e. 1995) and the hero of this tournament is the amazing genius Rogeeeer Federer ❤
  • When you arrive at the airport it’s like you’re in 3 places at once, because the Swiss, German and France borders meet in Basel. How cool is that?
  • The last year tournament was very well organised, but very few people spoke English. The food inside was expensive but, what can you expect? It’s tennis and it’s Switzerland.
  • Even if the weather it’s not too friendly, you definitely have to go out and see what the city has to give you: chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, public markets, interesting museums, art and you can easily travel by tram or bus and did I tell you about chocolate?

Yes, Switzerland is a beautiful land and this city has it’s charm. Check out the photos I’ve made 😉

By R0xana S.

Born in Romania in the 90's, got a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts in my pockets and with them I got my way into this huge world. Currently living in England, but deeply in love with everything connected to France and Italy. I travel for 3 years and now I decided to write about my travels. Still figuring out about blogging

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