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Sharm el Sheikh and Jerusalem

Travelling back to Sharm

Sharm is a touristic destination mainly because of the dramatic mountain landscapes, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and some of the world’s finest coral reefs.
If you want to explore all that the Red Sea has to offer, Sharm will offer you an ideal base.

The Red Sea is considered to be one of the world’s best diving destinations with a huge choice of dive sites and warm water all year-round. The crystal clear waters support an abundance of brightly coloured coral reefs that are home to thousands of species of reef fish, turtles, barracudas.

We arrived at the airport in the evening. There is no public transport from the airport to your hotel. You’ll either book a transfer from your hotel, either take a taxi from the airport. Me and my partner took a taxi from the airport. Most of the drivers will rip you off. Make sure that you set a price before getting in the car. I remember that we hustled a lot and in the end my price won. The driver wanted 30$ and I got him to accept 10$. I could see from his gestures that he was very pissed off, especially at the end of the ride. Make sure you remain confident and don’t get intimidated.

We stayed at Iberotel Mercato Hotel .
the location was amazing. It is located on the Il Mercato Promenade in the Hadaba / Ras Um Sid area. The Promenade offers you quality shopping and lively entertainment to complement the sunbathing, watersports and desert activities nearby. They say that this hotel, it’s a five star hotel. More like 3 stars or maybe, just maybe 4 stars. The surroundings were indeed very elegant, but most of the rooms didn’t deserve 5 stars. I liked that the hotel had 4 pools: 2 outdoors and 2 indoors ideal for relaxing.

The hotel offers you a private sandy beach 10 minutes from the hotel by free shuttle bus. And they also provide free towels, loungers and parasols.

On the beach, there are many fun activities to be made. We did parasailing above the Red Sea and rented a boat with a guide to take us to Tiran Island and the guide stopped in 3 places for us to do snorkelling. He was very friendly and very helpful, he even let us to drive the boat. You should not miss diving or snorkelling in the Red Sea.

Sharm has 4 resorts: Nabq Bay, Sharks Bay, Naama Bay and Hadaba Um El Sid. Each have their own distinctive characters, with an eclectic mix of traditional entertainment, bazaars and coffee shops, gourmet restaurants and trendy bars.

Since Sharm was so close to Israel we also visited Jerusalem and Palestine. We booked a tour in advance for that.

We were picked up from our hotel in the evening. The bus was full of Russians. There were only 8 English speakers, including us, and the rest Russians… lots. The road to the boarder was the worst I’ve had. At the border they were taking people’s passports randomly. We and many other persons waited like 3 hours to get our passports back. Each of one was called into a room and asked if we have any relatives in Israel, what’s the reason for our visit, they asked for a proof that we are from another country. It was the worst service I encountered so far. Can you imagine how exhausted we were? After spending a night on a crowded bus and then standing at the border.
In the end, after getting our passports back, they moved us in a better coach. All the Russians were sitting in the front and the rest 8 of us in the back of the coach. After driving for another 3 hours we finally met our new guide and the tour properly began.

There were 2 guides: a Russian one and an English speaker guide. I don’t remember a thing of what our guide said. The Russian guide spoke without breaks on the duration of the tour. Our guide was saying just a few sentences and that was all. Inside the old City of Jerusalim our guide basically made us run from one attraction to another because he said that the Russians are ahead of us and we cannot be left behind. All in all, this tour was definitely made for Russians. We were in minority and treated like one. The best thing of the tour was the stop at the Dead Sea.

P.S I booked the tour from a facebook group and I do not recommend it. Let me know in the comments below, how did you travel from Sharm to Jerusalem 😉

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