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City-break, Stockholm

Who doesn’t love city-breaks?

It started with 2 days off work and a cheap flight. Tip: If you want to visit a nordic country, look up for tickets in January – February.  The prices are lower and there are many promotions especially at the low-cost companies. Scandinavia is expensive so booking a cheap flight will help your wallet.

In Stockholm you will most likely land on Stockholm Arlanda Airport or Stockholm Skavsta. The most common (and cheapest) transport from the airport to the city centre is by coach (+ it has Wi-fi on board 😉 ) You can buy your tickets at the airport or book them online. Click here  The coach will drop you at City Terminalen, the central bus station.

If you landed on Arlanda, you may also take the train, Arlanda Express. Book here

Travelcard ! 

You cannot go to Stockholm and not visit the underground. Yes, visit! Their subway it is actually the world’s longest art exhibition at 110 km long and it displays a variety of paintings, sculptures and many other sceneries that were put together by 150 artists in over 90 of the city’s 100 stations.

The metro runs from 5.00 am till

I recommend you visit the stations by yourself. The best option is to buy a 24 h travelcard (you can use it for the buses too and it’s also valid for Djugården Slussen ferries). It costs 115 SEK pp (around 10 pounds). When you get to the City Terminalen station, follow the signs to get to T.Centralen (4′ by foot, just across the street) and when you get inside T.Centralen look for the Information desk from where you can buy your tickets and get a free map of the city.

My TOP 10  stationsGreen line:

  • Thorildsplan
  • Hötorget
  • Bagarmossen

Also, stop at Odenplan, if you want to see Stockholm’s library for free. It’s absolutely beautiful inside.

Blue line:

  • Kungstradgarden
  • Rådhuset
  • Solna Centrum
  • Rissne
  • Tensta

At Kista station, you’ll find Ericsson’s headquarters. Great buildings, modern architecture.

Red line:

  • Tekniska högskolan
  • Stadion

On the Red Line, you also could stop at Östermalmstorg and visit Hallwylska Museum, the house of von Hallwyl family, for free ( closed on Mondays).

Stockholm is divided in 14 boroughs and these are subdivided into districts.

Gamla Stan:  the old city. Stop here to see the old architecture, the palace and visit the Medieval Museum for free. This area is pretty expensive; the shops, the restaurants…if you’re on a budget, choose the supermarket.

Långholmen – it’s a small island and it used to be a prison. During the summer, go for a swim to the beaches nearby.

     – it’s difficult to find a good value hotel in Stockholm.  We found this one  that is located near Långholmen and it turned out to be decent (the beach is only 6′ walk from the hotel).

Södermalm – for vintage stuff mostly + a panoramic view over the city from Fjällgatan or Monteliusvägen.

Galleri Kontrast  (stop at Slussen station)- displays a photography exhibition and the entrance is free.

6′ walk from the gallery, is Katarina Elevator. Use the stairs, because the elevator is not working and when you get on top you’ll see an impressive view over Stockholm.

If you’re not satisfied with the free panoramic view from the places I told you before (but I bet, you will be), here’s another place from where you can enjoy a view over Stockholm: Skyview (stop at Globen metro station). But, you have to pay for it.

Skogskyrkogården  –  UNESCO heritage. Great for photographs. It’s only 5 minutes by foot from the metro station.

Overall, I enjoyed my city break in Stockholm. It’s a really cool hipster city and did you know that Södermalm was ranked as ‘the coolest’ neighbourhood in Europe in Vogue?  Yep, Swedes have beards and bicycles and are indeed…again, ‘cool’ 😀

See my captions of Stockholm, here  

P.S. If you still have time and money to spend have fun at  Abba museum and  Vasa Museum and don’t forget to treat yourself with some Swedish pastries ❤














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