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How to obtain a Russian Visa in the UK

Me and my partner applied for a Tourist Russian Visa in February 2016. We are permanent residents of UK and we applied in person at the Russian VISA Application Centre in London ( this centre is a partner of the Russian Embassy in UK that accepts and processes the visas).

First thing to do is to check if indeed you need a VISA for Russia. Here you can see a full list of countries that can travel to Russia under a visa-free regime.

STEP 1 for those who require a VISA

Go online here and click on know your visa type in order to understand under which type of Visa you need to apply.

Tourist Visa: before filling in the Online application take a look  the documents you’ll need by selecting your nationality.

For Romanians:

  1. valid passport with 2 blank pages  ( ro: pasaport valid, cu 2 pagini libere pentru viza)
  2. Proof of residence in the UK for the last 90 days ( dovada de resedinta in UK; poate fi un extras de cont, o scrisoare de la angajator care sa dovedeasca faptul ca munciti in Marea Britanie, o factura de la utilitati (factura de la telefon nu poate fi folosita). ATENTIE: Pe aceste documente trebuie sa fie mentionat numele si adresa dvs.
  3. Visa application form printed from the website only – formularul de Visa printat; asigurati-va ca ati scris corect data de sedere in Rusia, sa fie aceeasi ca pe documentele justificative)
  4. Recent passport size-photo  ( o fotografie recenta de tip pasaport, pe care trebuie sa o lipiti pe formularul printat)
  5. A ‘tourist voucher’ and a tourist confirmation’ document signed and stamped by the authorized person – aceste doua documente pot fi obtinute de la hotel sau de la o agentie de calatorii. ATENTIE: data, numele si stampila de pe documente trebuie sa fie lizibile. Ex: agentie
  6. Travel insurance – asigurare, pe care o puteti lua de la o agentie. Va pot recomanda Columbus Direct. Costa in jur de 8-10 lire asigurarea standard pentru doua persoane.


Fill in Online Application Form  and submit it- make sure you write all the information correctly. However you can edit the application, but make sure you keep the application ID that will be given to you, safe. Upon editing you’ll have to enter the first 5 letters of your surname in CAPITAL letters. After you’re done, print the application, sign and attach the photo using glue. ( Completati formularul de viza cu datele dvs. corecte. Daca ati gresit ceva, nu va faceti griji, puteti edita aplicatia oricand. La sfarsit, printati documentul, semnati-l si lipiti fotografia de tip-pasaport).

STEP 3 What happens after submission?

Print the form like I mentioned above and ensure you’ve selected the right Visa Application Centre, because you’ll have to go there in person.

You don’t need an appointment! The centre operates as a walk-in centre. Simply check their schedule. (Dupa ce ati terminat cu formularul, l-ati printat, semnat si atasat fotografia, va puteti prezenta la Visa Application Centre. Nu aveti nevoie de programare!)

FEES (Cat costa?)

£38.40 for normal applications( it takes around 5-7 days) – viza in regim normal;

£45.60 for urgent applications ( the next working day) – viza la urgenta;

If you want your passport to be returned at home there’s an extra £ 9.80 fee.

What happens once I get to the VisaCentre?

You’ll be given a number and wait to go to the counter. There they will check your documents, take your fingerprints, you’ll pay the visa fees and that’s it 🙂

Don’t forget to keep the visa receipt safe.

Cand ajungeti acolo, vi se va da un numar de asteptare, cand nr. dvs. este strigat, mergeti la ghiseu, va prezentati documentele, vi se vor lua amprentele, platiti chitantele pentru viza si gata. Asteptati viza. Procesul este foarte usor, mult mai usor decat o viza de turist pentru America.

Pastrati chitanta!

Enjoy your holidays in Russia

Comment in the section below if you have any questions. I’ll be happy to assist you 🙂







By R0xana S.

Born in Romania in the 90's, got a Bachelor's and a Master of Arts in my pockets and with them I got my way into this huge world. Currently living in England, but deeply in love with everything connected to France and Italy. I travel for 3 years and now I decided to write about my travels. Still figuring out about blogging

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If I’ve been living in England less than 90 days but have a work contract and bank statements, address confirmation … will that work ?


Nice article ! If I’ve been living in England for less than 90 days but have all the papers you mentioned… would that be an issue ?


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