Alright, time to share the news. I moved to a new city, that is Abu Dhabi. So different than where I used to live before…I remember I came to UAE in 2013, on holidays, and said to myself ” I’ll come back here one day”. I guess things happen in life for a reason, in my case a very good one. The main reason, for which I left everything behind was the new job I have. I now work in aviation, and I started to be so in love with this field, that I will not let go of it anytime soon. Last month, May 2017 I’ve made one of my longest and challenging trip and for the first time I was missing my job, my uniform, Abu Dhabi…everything. I am now one of those lucky people that simply love their job…  And I haven’t said the best part…I travel constantly so, #travelonrepeat applies indeed!



Old me and him: I’m Roxana Sandu and  I travel with my partner, Stefan for more than 3 years. We met in Iasi, his hometown and the city where I studied. After spending only a few months together, he went for a job in United Kingdom. It was difficult to keep a long distance relationship. I was in my final year of Master’s, I had my dissertation paper going on, research projects, conferences and it was hard to focus, but I still managed to visit him almost every month until I graduated. Two days after my graduation I was in the airport with my suitcase all packed and ready to move in with him.

How did we start to travel? I enjoy travelling since I know myself. What I don’t like is to travel alone. When I met Stefan, he was enthusiastic about travels like I am. It so happened that in the summer of 2012 I had to go to Bucharest and I asked Stefan, out of the blue to join me. He came with me without hesitation and my trip turned into that kind of adventure that you simply want to put it On Repeat… #travelonrepeat.

Why blogging? The idea of a travel blog came from my partner. He came with the idea and that’s it…left everything else for me to do. Typically manly, right? 🙂  I wasn’t very optimistic about it, because the media is full of travellers with millions of followers and there’s no way I’ll get in their shoes. But, in the end he persuaded me into thinking that there’s a place for everybody and our travels should be shared as well and people should read me because my articles are honest and based on my own experience.

What’s your story?

P.S. I still struggle with the technical stuff.

P.P.S. I changed my job and moved to a new country. Still finding the right time to write about this and so I finally did. Scroll up




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Great to have found your blog. I don’t believe the countries that I see on the right, are the ones actually traveled by you ??? If yes, I am jealous 🙂 Great going and I am following you for sure… Good luck !


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